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Testimonials for

Glynne's latest ebook:

"Follow The Recipe"

I expected this book to give me information on how to create a kickbutt presentation and that is exactly what I received.

It incorporates a wealth of information that goes way beyond what it promises to be. I learnt about creating a sales pitch, how to define my target market, how to talk to that market and much more. I loved the style which feels conversational and incorporates a lot of practical advice and stories I can relate to. Each chapter I was eager to learn more. I recommend it to anyone who needs to keep their audience engaged and interested through the whole presentation.

I will go as far as saying: buy the book no matter what. You will get something out of it.

Catrin Jacksties

Publisher, OneSmile Magazine

If you’ve ever had all the information but struggled to convey it in an effective way, or if you’ve ever wished you could craft a more elegant and engaging presentation, then Glynne can help.

Glynne's book methodically demystifies the art of presenting and demonstrates how to build a presentation that will achieve your aim whether that be to inform, motivate or sell. It is a practical book that will make you a more effective presenter.

Matt McDonald

Infrastructure Manager, Port Nelson Ltd

I loved the analogy of a powerpoint presentation being like constructing a meal. It feels warm and welcoming like comfort food:

- Enjoyable to read

- Easy to digest

- And gives a sense of confidence and well-being at the end – with the thought that “I can do this!”.

I am delighted to recommend this book to staff and students at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology.

Raewyn Laurenson

Coordinating Tutor NMIT

This book really challenged me to master how to present and communicate better in various aspects of my life (and I thought I was already pretty good at it!).

This shouldn’t have surprised me as I’ve known Glynne professionally and as a friend for twenty years now. He is simply one of those people you meet who excels at everything he puts his mind to. I was captivated by the personable and conversational style of the book – exactly as Glynne is in person. This book delivers the gold he has learnt over many years of presenting in business, educational and personal settings.

The fact that it describes the recipe for preparing a great presentation, while at the same time following that very recipe in the design of book is completely mesmerising. Now that’s clever! The book literally practices what it preaches – that’s why you know the recipe will work for you by the time you finish this book!

Kiran Patel

Senior Business Executive/Friend